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Federica Cesino

Hi everyone, I'm Federica, a food blogger. I have always had a passion for cooking since I was little. I have always used ingredients in the kitchen without giving weight to the amount of fat that made up the dish. I was 20 pounds overweight. I had decided to go to a dietician, who had deprived me of all carbohydrates (for me it was very difficult at that time). I began to lose weight, even associating diet with physical activity. Then I was stalled, that is, after losing those 7/8 kilos, I never went down and I was frustrated by the lack of my beloved carbohydrates. So I decided to go to a nutritionist (Erica), who gave me back my carbohydrates and a lot more food. It seemed like a dream to me and it was hard to believe that I would lose more pounds following that regimen. Well lost up to 20 kilos total. My body had molded and I was finally able to fit in the "S" size I have always dreamed of. During my healthy diet journey, I revisited my way of cooking (I only had 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil for lunch and dinner). I discovered that "HEALTHY" does not mean giving up on taste and that's why I created, together with Dr. Erica, FITFOOD ITALY, to show you all this. Eating is one of the primary needs of human beings, it is beautiful. It should not be seen as a moment of frustration or deprivation. You just have to do it in a correct and healthy way and not as tension or source of stress. Hence our motto "EAT WELL - EAT HEALTHY"

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Erica De Angelis

My name is Erica and I am a Nutritionist Biologist who graduated from the Biomedical Campus of Rome (UCBM) with full marks. I am registered with the National Order of Biologists (ONB) n ° AA_082036 since 2019. I am passionate about wellness, health and nutrition. In my daily practice, I try to convey to my patients a correct behavior at the table, a correct lifestyle and diet by offering them constant support in achieving the desired goals. In the year 2020, I studied the topic of Eating Disorders by obtaining the second level Master "Psychobiology of Nutrition and Eating Behavior" at UCBM and Tor Vergata Universities in Rome with honors.

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